4.10 Challenger - Side Console

The 4.10 Challenger Side Console with its well laid out interior is the boat for creeks and freshwater impoundments.

The Side Console comes standard with an upholstered swivel seat and pedestal box that has built in storage facilities for batteries and/or fishing tackle.

The contoured side console is fitted with a tinted windscreen to help keep the driver and electronics protected from wind and spray.

There is also additional dry storage facilities located within the console itself.

The 4.10 Challenger Side Console is suitable for competition Bream and Bass fishing as the twin 110 litre front storage bins can easily be converted into livewells etc.

The boat also sports a large front and rear casting deck which all serious anglers will appreciate.



Length: 4.10m
Length (boat/motor/trailer): 5.20m
Height on trailer: 2.00m
Beam: 1.85m
Depth: 0.75m
Weight: 295.00kg
Shaft Length: 20.00 inches
HP Rating: 50
Capacity: 4 (320kg)