Cadet Fastroller

Cadet Fastroller


Light weight, high performance

Compact, boasting unequalled load-capacity, tough yet elegant, the CADET FASTROLLER range represents the best of tenders. Its Acti-V hull provides better performance. Its anti-drift fins provide excellent control and crisp and accurate handling.


The CADET FASTROLLER comes as standard with a removable quick-mounting thwart, “safe-click” oarlocks, an internally-operated bailer and more. Thanks to ZODIAC ™ technology’s H2P concept, the boat is quick to assemble and can be easily stowed in a bag. This feature also provides improved performance. The banana-shaped buoyancy tube gives it an elegant and streamlined look.


Equipped with the patented “Acti-V all inflatable floor” Zodiac® concept, the Cadet Fastroller, easy to install, offers greater comfort in navigation and provides exceptional performance.


Our product range:

  • Cadet Fastroller 285 Acti-V 2,85 / 9’4 “
  • Cadet Fastroller 325 acti-V 3,25m / 10’8 “
  • Cadet Fastroller 360 Acti-V 3,6m / 11’1 “


• Large diameter buoyancy tube: + stability
• Choice of fabric: Strongan ™
• Inflatable V-hull



  • H2P (high pressure performance) removable inflatable floor 
  • H2P inflatable keel 
  • Anti-drifting purposes 
  • Aluminum engine mounting plate 
  • 1 bailer 



  • Strongan ™ Fabric
  • Easy Push Valves 
  • Handrail 
  • 2 oar rests 
  • 2 “Safe Clic” swivel oarlocks 
  • All-round ribbed rubbing strip (width: 125 mm) 
  • 1 bow handle 
  • 2 stainless steel lifting rings 
  • 2 stainless steel tow rings 
  • 2 carrying handles 
  • Cone reinforcers 



  • Thermobonded PVC



  • “Quick Release” removable bench seat (dual position) 
  • Fuel tank strap 
  • Reinforced aluminum oars 
  • Oarlock with locking ring 
  • “Modulo” carrying bag 
  • High pressure foot pump with pressure indicator 
  • Repair kit 
  • Owner’s manual 


The ultimate outboard motor

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